Energy Gel Cookbook

Since the launch of Energy Gel Central last year, I've received numerous inquiries from website visitors asking how to create an energy gel truly from scratch.  So in response, I put together the following 'e-cookbook', Secrets from Inside an Energy Gel: Learn how to make homemade energy gels using industry-based recipes. The e-book ($1.99) includes lots of background information and tips, and most importantly, complete energy gel base recipes using easily sourced ingredients. In addition, a chapter dedicated to creating cloned bases of several popular commercial energy gels is also present. The Table of Contents is listed below to get an idea of the book content.


3d book

As mentioned in the Energy Gel Central Store, the e-book available from our website is an interactive PDF.


Table of Contents

1. Creating a simple energy gel base: Getting Started

Energy Gel Ingredients


2. Energy Gel Base Formulas

Two base choices

Energy Gel Base - Recipe A
Energy Gel Base - Recipe B

Additional Notes on Mixing
Useful Conversions

3. Flavoring Your Gel Base

Flavored Base Recipes
Fine tuning sweetness
Scaling-up the testing samples

4. Creating Commercial Clones

Clone Recipes

5. References